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Where we've been... and where we're going...

WFNU-LP radio was started, with love, by a group of community volunteers in the Frogtown neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Volunteers dedicated their time and talents to train community members in radio broadcasting, engineering and DJ-ing skills.

In January of 2016, WFNU began broadcasting online radio in a small room, on a folding table with a mixer, 2 microphones and a laptop.

The community rallied together to raise enough money to build an FM transmitter and in August of 2016, an antenna was erected and WFNU began broadcasting on 94.1 FM in Saint Paul.

The station moved then into the basement of Faith Lutheran Church and transformed an old locker room and janitor's closet into an on-air studio and production room. In June of 2021, WFNU moved into the top floor of the Capitol Ridge building in St. Paul.

WFNU continues to be a volunteer-run radio station operating 24-7, 365, with shows and music from and for the Frogtown community.

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