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Howdy, Partner!

WFNU loves to partner with our community. Here are our current Winter 2022 community partners:

High School For Recording Arts:

HSRA is dedicated to providing all young people a chance to realize their full potential, despite any previous setbacks. As we engage students through music and the exploration and operation of the music business, we demonstrate that core learning areas and real world, 21st century skills can be acquired at the same time. More than just earning a high school diploma, HSRA prepares students for a positive post-secondary education and life. HSRA would love to hear from you. For student registration, corporate partnership, financial support, employment, tours of the school and more, please contact us.

Faith Lutheran Church:

Faith Lutheran Church has been part of the Frogtown Community since 1914. We care about our community and want to get to know you better, so join us this Sunday as we hear God's word and connect with one another in Christian fellowship.

Victoria Theatre Arts Center:

The mission of the Victoria Theater Arts Center is to build community power by providing a creative home that incubates the arts and amplifies the voices of all people in the neighborhood. Over the last 10 years, our dedicated coalition of board members, volunteers, staff, representatives, small business owners, neighbors, and young artists have worked to realize this mission with the purchase and the renovation of the historic Victoria Theater at 825 University Ave into a community arts center for all of Frogtown and Rondo.

Cultural Star Program:

WFNU is supported, in part, by the City of Saint Paul Cultural Sales Tax Revitalization Program.

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