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We've moved...

In June of 2021, WFNU moved into the top floor of the Capitol Ridge Building!

In June of this 2021, WFNU took a big step up and moved into the top floor of the Capitol Ridge building (the Hotel, next to the old Sears building) on Saint Anthony and Rice streets in Saint Paul (161 St Anthony Ave, Suite 1002, St Paul, MN 55103). We are so excited to be in this new beautiful space!

We were previously in the basement of Faith Lutheran Church for 4 years, and although we love our friends at Faith Lutheran, we outgrew the space there.

Our new space consists of a lobby/production room to record, interview and edit shows - where High School For Recording Arts student interns Lili, Ace and instructor Scott record their weekly show 4 Tha Air. In our separate on-air studio, DJ Double OG finishes up his weekly live show, Lunch with the O.G.

You can listen to the student produced show, 4 Tha Air, Tuesdays at 4pm and Lunch with the O.G. Tuesdays at noon.

We're excited to be in a new space with great views of Saint Paul! Interested in touring WFNU? Email us stationmanager@wfnu.org

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