Many of our hosts, podcast their shows, so you'll never miss an episode of your favorite show! Click the podcast title to check out all the episodes. 


Living Loud" with Karen J is dedicated to all those who have ever felt invisible, silenced, or marginalized by society. Awareness and education are key to effecting change. Together, by Living Loud, we can make a difference! Join us for music, talk, and in-studio interviews addressing sensitive yet important topics affecting our community from a candid yet comedic perspective as only Karen J delivers best.

The Midday Escape with Philip Gracia is a place to escape from the day with a great mix of music on WFNU-LP 94.1 FM St. Paul
"Frogtown Community Radio" Every Friday starting at 12:00 Noon central.


Conor and Scott talk sports and such. Conor is a young man with autism, and Scott is his very good friend and co-host.

The Nine-45 Show is dedicated to featuring local musicians and podcast creators from the Twin Cities. On every episode we will discuss music, life, hobbies, and other passions that make these artists who they are.


A weekly house music show. Faster than funk, slower than a 1980's dance party, dance beats that get you moving at tempos around 120 bpm.

Uplifting rich and diverse stories from our Asian Minnesotan Community.

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Featuring hip-hop and r&b artists of every tier. Based out of the Twin Cites, USA, SunDogs take you on a sonic journey to their neighborhood.

BASIC BEAT is your weekly bass music mix. Hosted by Dom Terrace, BASIC BEAT showcases brand new, big club music from all across the world. BASIC BEAT is a one-hour continuous mix of high energy electronic dance music that you won't want to miss! Tune in to BASIC BEAT every Friday night at 10 PM.


Rick plays classic Rock, Pop and Top 40 hits of the 1960's. 70's, & 80's along with Rick providing some song/artist trivia and chart information.

If you like the songs of yesterday, you will love Hits & History. Your host and Frogtown resident, Rick, plays classic top 40 hits along with classic rock and pop music hits from the 1960's, '70's & '80's. 

4 tha Air is a weekly radio show and podcast produced by students of High School for Recording Arts and WFNU 94.1 Frogtown Community Radio in St. Paul, MN. Each week HSRA students showcase student-produced music and interview thought leaders from around the world. 

For over 22 years HSRA has been transforming the lives of young people with its learner-centered approach to education, based in Hip-hop music and project-based learning. More than just a diploma HSRA prepares young people for life. Learn more at

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  Apples 2 Apples is a father son podcast that's supposed to be about sports, but you never know what topic is going to cause a generational divide. When they do discuss sports, Minnesota sports is the focus. Come find out if it's true that Father really does know best.Featuring the father and son(s) team of Scott, Drew, and Sam Applebaum.
Twitter: @apples2applespc

The following contains Funk pure Funk. All we know is Da Funk. The WHOLE FUNK... Nuthing but Da Funk.
"Remember It Ain't FUNK, Unless It's Funk2UrEars".The Funk will set you free! Lady K and Philip G play the music that will set your funk senses off from old to new and everything in between.


"Get The Gravy Hot" Friday nights at 9 on WFNU-LP 94.1FM Frogtown Community Radio. Head-scratchin' foot-stompin' oddball country shenanigans.

The UpTake is proud to sponsor and co-produce the Radical News Radio Hour and aimed at telling the stories of social movements and community organizing across the Twin Cities. The show is produced, written, and hosted by our Executive Director, Cirien Saadeh, and is created in partnership with WFNU. You can find the show on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, and most anywhere you get your podcasts.

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Hosted by formerly incarcerated, abolitionist Jay Sole. Jay Sole is currently an adjunct professor at Hamline University where he teaches in the Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Department. On the Abolition Hour, Professor Sole shares some of his experiences with police violence in the Frogtown community in St. Paul, MN. He outlines effective safety and accountability strategies for community members. He launched the Institute of Aspiring Abolitionists and shares abolition work happening throughout the region. This podcast airs live on WFNU Frogtown Community Radio Mondays at noon.

The Mothers Podcast is a 10-episode series that puts a spotlight on mothers from across the U.S. whose children have been killed by police violence. Becoming members of a club that NO ONE would wish to join, these mothers’ stories go beyond the headlines of each case, dissecting the pain, aftermath and the struggle for accountability for the killing of their child. This exploration unveils mothers supporting mothers to overcome grief and create change within their communities all across the country.