Open Studio Hours

Want to dip your toe in radio production but don't want a show?
Have an announcement you want to make to the community?
Have some music you want to play on the radio?
Come to the studio during our weekly open studio time and one of our volunteers will be there to help!

As a community resource, it is important to the staff and volunteers at WFNU that we offer as many opportunities as possible for anyone in the neighborhood to utilize the power of the radio. In our open studio time we have two formats which anyone can record in with the help of our volunteers:

Frogtown Minute

Record a community announcement to be played throughout the day on WFNU. Come to open studio with an announcement written, and our volunteer will set up, record, and edit it for you. It will get played with our other announcements until an expiration date of your choosing.  

My Three Songs

Do you have music that you would love to hear on WFNU but haven't yet? Do you have a set of three songs which you would play if you had your own show? Come on down during open studio time with your song ideas and our volunteers will record and edit you announcing your 3 song block. These blocks get mixed in with our automated music so tune in frequently to listen for your segment! 

When do we have open hours?