Resources for Prospective Programmers

If you are interested in getting involved with WFNU but need some help with developing an idea for a show, want to brush up on some computer skills, or even just want to learn more about community radio, check out the resources below:

WFNU Policy
Computer Skills

Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment - If you are feeling shaky on your computer skills and want to figure out exactly what you need help on, take this digital literacy assessment. WFNU is committed to technological accessibility, and will work with you to make sure you can broadcast to the best of your ability, regardless of computer skills or prior experience. 

Saint Paul Public Library Computer Skills Classes - The Saint Paul Public Libraries offer a rotating series of computer skills classes at various libraries around the city, including the Rondo Library. 

Google Drive Training Exercises - If you want to learn the basics of using Google Drive, try out these exercises created by the Saint Paul Public Libraries.  

Community Radio

Prometheus Radio Project - WFNU is a proud partner of Prometheus Radio Project, a group of non-profit radio engineers and advocates which assisted WFNU in obtaining our permit and building our LPFM station. Their website has tons of resources for anyone interested in learning more about LPFMs, the power of community radio, programming for community radio, etc...

Radio Diaries - Check out the Radio Diaries Teen Reporter Handbook for a lot of helpful information on crafting in depth and effective local audio stories, no matter your previous experience.

FCC FAQ on LPFMs - This page has some answers to more technical questions about what it means to be an LPFM. 

National Federation of Community Broadcasters - Check out the NFCB, a national organizing body for community broadcasters. 

SPNN - SPNN is a long time institution in Saint Paul Community Broadcasting, and they have tons of great resources and opportunities for people interested in learning about, and working on, public broadcasting.