To Apply, email with a resume and up to 1 page detailing why you are interested in the position and what skills you will bring to the position. Applications for the Station Coordinator position close on January 20th, 2017. 

WFNU-LP Station Coordinator

Please note that this is a part-time position (20 hours/week) with opportunities for growth as the station grows

The WFNU station coordinator is responsible for organizing, managing, and coordinating the volunteer base at WFNU-LP  94.1 FM Frogtown Community Radio. The station coordinator serves as one of the primary points of contact for the station in the community and is responsible for connecting organizations and interested community members to the station and its resources. WFNU-LP’s license is held by Frogtown Neighborhood Association (FNA), so the station coordinator must work closely with FNA to ensure that the station serves, in part, as a media extension of FNA and that the station operates in accordance to FNA’s mission. WFNU-LP is still very much in its start-up phase, and the station coordinator will be responsible for growing the station’s volunteer base and programming, securing sustainable funding for WFNU, and building the station’s current capacity.


The mission of WFNU-LP is to amplify the voices of our diverse communities in Frogtown and surrounding communities. WFNU-LP is, at its core, a community-based radio station. We are looking for someone who has a commitment to creating systems for the community to access the station and create content.


Administrative (20%)

  • Attend FNA staff meetings and serve as a liaison between FNA and WFNU

  • Work with advisory committee and FNA to identify funding and programmatic priorities

  • Manage and update website to reflect growth of the station


Volunteer Management and Coordination (50%)

  • Organizes the advisory committee and helps facilitate meetings

  • Builds relationships with new volunteers to help assess where they need help and support

  • Provide technical and production support to new volunteers and/or connect new volunteers with current programmers to help build skills

  • Oversees conflict resolution process for volunteers

  • Work with volunteers and FNA to do outreach and be present at community events

  • Schedules advisory committee meetings, volunteer meetings, other gatherings, such as retreats


Technical (10%)

  • Serve as secondary technical support person at the station

  • Provide some technical training and troubleshooting to volunteers 


Fundraising (10%)

  • Works with FNA development team to identify and apply for potential grants

  • Monitor station income and expenses with FNA’s accountant


Station Representation (10%)

  • Represent the station at various community meetings and events

  • Serve as a media contact for the station and write press releases

  • Coordinate coverage and interviews for WFNU-LP, as well as connect WFNU-LP with other media outlets



  • 3 - 5 years experience managing a large group of diverse volunteers and managing a large project with many moving parts

  • Experience working in community and/or independent media, preferably radio 

  • Experience in non-profit management, particularly fundraising (grant writing, crowdfunding, etc.)

  • Strong communication and organizational skills and the ability to connect with and mobilize large groups of people

  • Ability to work within a diverse environment with a specific, intentional focus on racial justice and community empowerment

  • A racial justice analysis, understanding of institutional racism and other forms of oppression, and an ability to articulate understanding

  • Familiarity of Frogtown neighborhood and primary issues facing the community or similar community is preferred