Frogtown Community Radio is an emerging low-power FM (LPFM) radio based out of the Frogtown neighborhood in St. Paul, MN and broadcasting on 94.1 FM. 

With our hyper-local focus on Frogtown and surrounding communities, we are able to tap into fresh talent and engage our listener base in ways larger radio stations cannot. We believe that community radio provides a space for our community's voices, languages, ideas, and stories to be heard. 


WFNU is the product of almost 4 years of organizing around the idea that community-owned media can be a powerful tool to unite and empower the Frogtown community, the most racially diverse neighborhood in St. Paul. In 2011, President Obama signed the Local Community Radio Act, which opened up many LPFM (Low Power FM) frequencies for community stations across the country. Low Power FM stations have a broadcast range of about 10 miles, meaning we can have a hyper-local range and focus. The FCC was not expected to open up these kind of frequencies again, so organizers from Frogtown and Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis formed the Twin Cities Community Radio Initiative and began working with community members to submit applications to the FCC. After a long organizing campaign, in December of 2014, Frogtown Neighborhood Association was granted a permit from the FCC to build a community LPFM radio station and broadcast on 94.1 FM!


Frogtown Tuned In.JPG
Reppin' WFNU at the Selby Jazz Fest

DJ ChuckSmooth, host of the Late Night Lounge, reppin' WFNU at the Selby Ave Jazz Fest in September 2015.