There are over 200,000 residents who live in WFNU's broadcast range.

There are over 50,000 people who commute to in our broadcast area.

That's over 250,000 people your ad could reach!

Frogtown Community Radio is a low-power FM radio station broadcast in a five mile radius of University and Dale streets in St. Paul, MN at 94.1FM. We are hyper-local and able to engage our listener base in ways larger stations can not. We believe community radio provides a space for our community’s voice, languages, ideas, businesses, organizations and stories to be heard.


You can also hear us all across the world, at, & with the Live365 smartphone app.



* One month of a 30 second ad run daily  - $325 (add'l mos: $175/mo)

* One month of a 30 second ad run daily 
(non-profit rate and Frogtown area business rate) - $175 (add'l mos: $125/mo)

* PLEASE NOTE -- to be eligible for the Frogtown area business rate, your business/organization must be in the 55104 or 55103 zip code

All underwriting will have a script written or approved by the client. 

No ads will air without client’s approval.

All background music or any specific style choices 

can be requested by the client at no extra charge. 

WFNU will accept underwriting in any language, however the capacity for WFNU to translate these is limited. WFNU will work with these groups to find a positive solution for any language requests.


Your underwriting expenses are a donation to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Interested in underwriting with us?

Email us at