Why community radio? Why low power FM community radio?

Radio is one of the most affordable and accessible forms of media around the world. 92% of American adults listen to AM/FM radio each week. However, the radio workforce in the United States is 90.2% white and the majority of media outlets in the company are owned by a few major coorporations. This means that many narratives, stories, ideas, and issues that matter to people of color often aren’t represented in the media. When mainstream media does cover Frogtown, they tend to focus and exaggerate negative aspects of our community. Community radio is a chance for us take control of the way we are perceived in the media and to create content that matters to us.



As we continue to expand, we are committed to ensuring that all members of the community can have a show, regardless of mobility, work schedule, or language profriciency. We have several shows that DJs produce from home that we stream to our website. If you are interested in having a radio show but are unable to come into the studio, contact us and we can talk about ways to get your voice on the air. 


Because we will be a LPFM radio station, our broadcast range encompasses Frogtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. But this is one of the most exciting things about our station. Our small size allows us to focus on producing content that matters to our community without having to cater to other audiences. We are hyper-local, so we can tap into Frogtown’s talent, resources, and community in ways that larger stations cannot.

Community radio is representative. 
Community radio is accessible.
Community radio is local.